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    178m Pipelay/
    Heavy Lift/Construction Vessel

    Deck Cranes

    Ice-class subsea multi-lay DP3 vessel with heavy lift housing a total of seven Effer cranes lifting loads from 2 to 7 tonnes, DNV certified.

    Ariosh Oshe 3 Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) Vessel

    Nufoss Steering Gear


    Equipped with Nufoss Steering Gear providing 8TM steering torque at 35° rudder angle, the OSHE 3 is an anchor handling tug (AHT) with a 72-ton bollard pull, 490 MT fuel capacity, and 163 m2 of clear deck space. The OSHE 3 is utilized for towing and anchor handling activity.

    85m DP2 Multi Purpose Vessel

    Deck Crane

    Sormec elbow boom crane capable of safe working load 30T @ 22M maximum outreach.

    84.8m AHTS

    Steering Gear

    ABS-classed Multi-Purpose, Anchor Handling Supply Vessel (MPAHSV), DP2, with Nufoss Steering Gear capable of 56 TM torque at 45° rudder angle.


    40m Aluminuium Crewboat

    Steering Gear

    Aluminium Monohull Fast Multi-Role Support Vessel equipped with Nufoss Steering Gear to control its twin synchronized rudders. Over a dozen ABS & BV certified systems supplied.

    Sormec Crane Overhaul

    Deck Cranes

    Complete overhaul of M70/FB/6S Foldable boom crane with 6 extensions, replacing all corroded components and giving it a new coat of paint.

    Effer Crane Overhaul

    Deck Cranes

    Almost 20 years old Effer 160000-3S knuckleboom crane refurbishment in 2 weeks, including rechroming of pitted cylinder rods and a new control bank.

    38m Guard, Chase, MPV and Port Control & Security Vessel

    Thermal Camera

    Comnav V2 Thermal Camera mounted on top of the mast providing all round 360° video monitoring with stabilized images and thermal imaging.

    Heavy Fire Vessel

    Steering Gear

    The world's most powerful firefighting vessel in terms of water output, pumping out 240,000 litres of seawater a minute, is equipped with Nufoss steering gear to control four fully independent steering rudders with full redundancy to ABS specifications.

    26m Crew Transfer Vessel

    Steering Gear

    Service turbines on an offshore windfarm, the vessel is under BV and CR dual class, and features Nufoss PTO-driven independent steering system with fast-rudder steering control during passenger loading.

    76m 12000HP Multi Purpose Service Vessel

    Steering Gear

    Nufoss steering gear became the first company to have a made-in-Singapore steering system certified under DNV-GL. This versatile service ship will have functions for towing, anchoring, incident response, anti-oil spill and offshore fire fighting as well as DP2.

    Submarine support and rescue vessel

    Effer Crane

    Singapore Navy's MV Swift Rescue is for rescue operations of a distressed submarine and immediate treatment for rescued personnel. Nufoss maintains the Effer crane on board and has carried out periodic overhauls, inspections and upgrades to ensure operation requirements are available 24/365.

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