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    Nufoss Services

    Marine Equipment Sales and Services


  • Who We Are

    Nufoss Services was established in 1982, specializing in estimation, sale and service of marine equipment.


    We have supplied thousands of steering gear systems to fishing boats, fire-fighting boats, ferries, tugs and large supply vessels. The equipment has been in the global market earning a good name and enjoying long track records for quality and durability.


    All equipment, systems and spare parts sold by Nufoss are manufactured to the highest quality specifications. We have an experienced and dedicated team of specialized technicians to look after the commissioning, maintenance, repairing and servicing of the products we represent.


    Products that we handle are widely used onboard anchor handling tugs, offshore supply vessels, patrol boats, work boats and pleasure crafts. These products meet the requirements of various ship classification societies including ABS, BKI, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, LRS and RMRS.

  • Our Products

    Besides manufacturing our own Steering Gear in Singapore, we also handle sales and provide full engineering support for other equipment listed below.

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    Steering Gear

    Traditional Ram type steering systems complete with tiller, power pack, digital control, interfacing with Autopilot and Dynamic Positioning, up to DNV-GL class, with a track record spanning decades to provide you reliability and peace of mind.

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    Autonav Rotary Vane

    A compact, simple and mechanically efficient rudder actuator.

    Field proven performance and reliability confirm its suitability for all types of commercial and naval vessels. AutoNav rotary vane steering gears were designed in co-operation with the National Research Council of Canada and meet the requirements of classification authorities through the world, meeting the highest MIL STDs for acoustic noise and Grade A shock.


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    FPP/CPP Propellers and Bow/Stern Thrusters

    Fixed/controllable pitch propellers and tunnel thrusters suitable for 350-3300mm propeller diameters. 

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    Canbus Bow Thruster Control

    Utilizing the existing ship's PTO and thruster, we are able to provide powerful closed loop hydraulics in a compact platform, fully controlled and monitored via canbus networks to interface with Main Engines, Thruster alarms and provide intelligent control and monitoring, user-customizable and saves you time and money on installation, troubleshooting, repairs and upgrading.

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    Marine Cranes

    Sormec provides completely customized offshore marine crane solutions that include API-2C, Constant Tension and Active Heave Compensation, SOLAS-certified rescue boat davits and A-frames, and telescopic floodlights.


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    Marine Cranes

    Effer after sales service

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    Trusted worldwide since 1982, ComNav Marine has a broad line of marine navigation systems for virtually any commercial or pleasure boat application.

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    Thermal Camera

    Thermal night vision and low light camera systems with crisp images to enhance navigation, rescue, security and situational awareness at all times.

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    Nufoss Day Signal Masts

    Mast head signals for various day shapes. Eg. Dredgers showing passing/obstructed sides.
    Features 90° movement, corrosion/vibration resistance, triple-redundant controls via remote station, local push-button and emergency wheel.

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    Water Maker &
    Sewage Treatment

    Established 30 years ago, Tecnicomar builds and designs desalination and reverse osmosis water purifiers for marine and civil responding to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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    Nitrogen Generator

    Working closely with shipowners, design institutes and shipyards, SINCE GAS Nitrogen Generator is a leading manufacturer using Pressure Swing Adsorption method. ABS/BV/LR/CCS approved.

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    PMC Propulsion Control

    Digital System for Vessels with Controllable/Fixed Pitch Propellers and Azimuth Control For Right Angle Drives


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