• Personal Data Policy

    This is our Personal Data Policy ("Policy"), which sets forth types of Personal Data we may collect from you and how such
    information may be used. In order to prevent unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure or similar risks, we have imposed
    security measures to protect the information you provide to us.


    “ Personal Data'
    We only collect, use or disclose personal data for purposes for which an individual has given his or her consent. If you have
    provided Personal Data to us, you may at any time withdraw consent with reasonable notice and upon withdrawal of consent to
    the collection, use or disclosure for any purpose, we will cease such collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data.

    1. Types of Personal Data
    The types of Personal Data that we collect may include, without limitation:
    i. Name
    ii. NRIC number / Passport number / FIN number
    iii. Mobile number
    iv. Vehicle number
    v. Personal email address
    vi. Photographs
    vii. Video and CCTV footage

    By providing us Personal Data about other individuals you confirm that you are authorised to disclose and consent, on their
    behalf, for the purposes as described or other purposes for which your consent has been obtained.

    2. Purposes
    We collect and use the Personal Data for the following purposes:
    If you are a Customer
    i. Providing products and services and to communicate with customers as part of providing products and services
    ii. Evaluating our products and services and how we can improve its products and services
    iii. Responding to queries or comments on our products and services
    iv. Keeping you updated on developments on our products and services, business developments and other corporate

    If you are a Vendor / Business Partner / Service Provider
    i. Supplying information on products and services and providing support between you and us
    ii. Keeping you informed of our evaluation and new requirement of your Products and services. Updating you with
    information of our organization, development and changes.
    iii. Providing feedback on the products and services provided by you


    i. Conducting due diligence / background checks on job. internship and industrial attachment applicants
    ii. Facilitating attendance at events / functions organised by or together with us

    3. Disclosure
    Personal Data that we collect may be disclosed to the following in the course of our business:
    i. Banks and other financial institutions for purposes of payments and transactions, including the provision products and
    services, between us

    ii. Our service providers who have been retained to perform services on our behalf, such as:
    a) Service providers who provide services, including IT and outsourcing services, vendors, consultants that
    have been engaged to help manage, operate, administer and/or run our operations and business process or
    provide services to facilitate our provision of products and services;
    b) Professional advisors, including financial and legal advisors, tax advisors, auditors, insurers and insurance
    brokers where relevant; and
    c) External contractors to provide consultancy and services, including travel agencies which may be assigned
    by our Customers / Principals overseas where disclosure is needed, in which case we have requested them
    to ensure confidentially & security of disclosed Personal Data.

    iii. In addition, we may also disclose Personal Data in the following circumstances:
    a) if required to do so by law or request from any governmental authority, body or regulatory authority; or
    b) for compliance with any court order and investigations or for legal proceedings.

    4. Retention of your Personal Data
    Your Personal Data will typically be retained by us for as long as it is required for the required or relevant purposes,
    generally for a period not longer than 7 years after the original purposes have ceased to be applicable, unless otherwise
    required by law or other mandatory directions by court or government authorities.
    We will not retain your Personal Data of unsuccessful job, internship or industrial attachment applicants for longer than 1
    year (for the purposes of evaluating your suitability for future job openings, unless you inform us otherwise).

    5. Protection of your Personal Data
    We have set up security measure to protect your Personal Data. For electronic records, only limited information can be
    reviewed, and full details can only be viewed or used by authorized personnel for specific purposes in retrieving and/or
    correcting the Personal Data.


    6. How to Contact Us
    Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about this Policy or our practices on Personal Data:
    Email address: info@nufoss.com.sg
    Mailing address: Data Protection Officer
    Nufoss Services Pte Ltd
    6 Penjuru Place #01-30
    Penjuru Tech Hub
    Singapore 608781

    7. Correction, updating & withdrawal of your Personal Data
    We shall keep Personal Data collected from you as accurately and completely as provided. You may contact us at above
    contact details (Refer to item 6) if there is any change or update that requires correction of your Personal Data in our
    records, questions on our use of your Personal Data, request to withdraw your consent for our use of your Personal Data or
    to provide any feedback with following information:
    Your name and an email address or your mailing address
    The nature of our relationship with you
    Your request regarding your Personal Data
    Your preferred mode of response
    We shall endeavor to acknowledge the receipt within 7 working days after receipt of your request. We may contact you for
    supporting documentation or further details from you as requested by us.
    For withdrawal of your consent for our use of your Personal Data, you understand it may affect our provision of Product &
    Services to you or business dealing with you.
    On your request for information and withdrawal, we may charge a reasonable fee to cover the administrative costs that may
    be incurred in retrieving and responding to your request in addition to any related printing & postage costs.|

    8. Updates to this Personal Data Notice
    Please note that this Policy may be changed from time to time and without prior notice to you.
    Effective date: 2 July 2014